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When an absorbent material, such as socks, mats, booms, pads, pillows, sawdust, clay, paper towels, or even chicken feathers are contaminated with a liquid waste, such as oil, solvents or chemicals, they may be designated as a special or hazardous waste, and therefore require special handling and disposal.

In many areas, a special operating permit is required to accept spent absorbents or rags for storage, treatment, and/or disposal.

An absorbent might be considered a hazardous waste if it comes into contact with a listed hazardous waste, or if it exhibits a characteristic of hazardous waste. Many states, local municipalities, and landfills have requirements for handling such spent absorbents, and these can exceed the federal rules. Because of this, it is important to work with a waste vendor that specifically lists absorbents as one of their accepted wastes.

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