Waste Oil Collectors

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Waste Oil Collectors, Inc. is located on Old Spanish Trail, also known as Old Highway 90, in Gautier, Jackson County Mississippi. The site is approximately 3 acres in size with restricted access by a 7 ft. high fence and 24-hour security and surveillance. The facility is a collector, transporter, and processor of used oil and oil contaminated materials. In order to ensure that the facility is not receiving hazardous waste, each shipment is determined to be non-hazardous through the usage of pH meters and field kits for the detection of halogens, knowledge of the waste, and if necessary, lab analysis, before the waste is accepted. The facility receives used oil, oily water, and petroleum contaminated waste waters from over 200 generators. Upon receipt at the plant, it is tested and treated to remove water and filtered to remove unwanted solids. The oil is then sent to a used oil blender. Water removed during the process is sent to the site wastewater plant for treatment. The facility also receives contaminated sludge and solids classified as non-hazardous from various sources. The material is denatured, stabilized, and sent for thermal destruction. The wastewater treatment consists of gravity settling of residual oil, biological and chemical treatment, and filtering prior to discharge into the local wastewater treatment facility. The following buildings are located on the site: Office building, lab building, used oil treatment/ storage facility, wastewater treatment /storage facility, oily solids processing facility, and boiler building. The site has a documented Spill Prevention and Countermeasures Plan on file that outlines spill control diking, site communications system and fire control equipment. Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers

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