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About Us History SESCO’s roots extend all the way back to the early 1900's and Bowser, Inc., a Fort Wayne, Indiana-based pioneer in oil dispensing, conditioning, and purification. When the Bowser corporation relocated in 1969, SESCO was born. The new company focused on the design, manufacture, and repair of oil- and fuel-dispensing systems. Its product scope quickly grew to include custom-engineered lubrication, filtration, and hydraulic systems. It was in 1982 that SESCO manufactured its first vacuum oil dehydration system. By 1986 high-vacuum degasification systems had been added to the product mix. Products Today, SESCO offers the market’s most complete lines of custom low- and high-vacuum oil/fluid purification equipment. It’s equally known for its superior circ-lube oil systems, lube oil purification and dehydration systems, insulating/transformer oil purifiers, transformer service equipment, transformer dryout & filling chambers, and custom vacuum packages. Training and Service Building long-term customer relationships is SESCO’s primary goal. To achieve it, we offer ongoing training, support, and service. This includes free factory training for every piece of equipment sold. Onsite training and service are available, too – by annual contract or on a per-incident basis. And if a customer has a problem? Our expert troubleshooters are only a phone call away. In the world of custom industrial lubrication, oil/fluid purification, fluid conditioning, and vacuum process equipment, those in the know contact SESCO. Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers

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