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Q Environmental is headquartered in Houston, Texas and services a wide array of customers, including but not limited to: State and City governments like the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Department of Transportation, City of Austin, and City of Waco; Metropolitan Transit Authorities of Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Industrial generators like Coca-Cola Bottling Company, and Budweiser; Small generators or independently-owned repair/mechanic shops; Quick Lube industry including Kwik Kar franchisees. Q Environmental provides services in a 200-mile radius of Houston and Austin, Texas. Innovative solutions to challenging issues have helped Q-customers minimize waste volumes, create value, and substantially decrease disposal costs, and helped recover valuable resources in a cost effective manner. Q Environmental has developed effective ways of concentrating and separating materials from industrial wastes while successfully recovering valuable products. Experienced Q-personnel have been servicing the used petrochemical industry since 1986. We actually started in the crude oil, exploration and production industry, which expanded into the refined products trading industry. In the early 80s, crude oil trading used to take place within a small fraternity of businesses. Substantial sized contracts were transacted on word-of-mouth and a handshake. Even if we were competitors, we would help each other out, always keeping our word. This was the background from which Q entered the used oil recycling business, and then later on, the environmental business. Our handshake is our bond, our core philosophy. When Q entered the industrial fuels market, our unique value proposition was the guarantee that: 1. Our fuel would function properly each and every time 2. We would provide fuel in our tanks at no additional cost to them 3. We would make sure that clients would never run out of fuel 4. We would sell the fuel for less than the price of diesel, and if, for whatever reason, our fuel did not burn efficiently, we would swap it out with new, clean diesel at no additional cost to them. We never had to do so – That’s Quintessentially Q! Q Environmental serviced clients from Corpus Christi to Paris, Texas by marrying technology to quality product at a value-based price. Q still believes in providing value. Q Environmental believes in service, honesty, integrity and providing value to our customers. We know one may consider all these as features. However, Q considers these as our core values, our commitment to our clients. It’s what we truly believe in. The environmental industry, for us, is more than just a business; it is a religious passion that we practice daily. Today, Q continues to meet and exceed customers’ expectations with regard to safety, environmental stewardship, and value and commitment to Quality and professional service. Q has very strict quality, dependability, and safety standards – even exceeding government regulations – for collecting, recycling, and processing used motor oil and industrial lubricants. Q Environmental’s Quest for excellence and improvement in customer service is ongoing. We operate on a level beyond that set by any government standard. Quality is everything to us. Reliability, flexibility, speed, a culture oriented around service, and a partnership-like concept with customers – That’s Quintessentially Q! Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers

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