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In the early 1990’s, more than 400 million oil filters were being produced annually in the United States. An estimated 90 percent of all used oil filters were being disposed of in landfills, consuming valuable landfill space and potentially leaching used oil into the environment. Founded in 1990 , Oil Filter Recyclers, Inc. (OFR) developed a patented bulk used oil filter and absorbent collection and recycling system to address this growing environmental concern. Our patented system recycles 100% of the used oil filter and absorbent components thus aiding in the reduction of waste requiring landfill disposal. It also provides recoverable products that would reduce the dependency on the natural resources presently used for ductile iron and energy production. Today, OFR is the largest used oil filter collector and recycler in the continental United States servicing over 10,000 customers nationwide from the automotive, industrial, agriculture and government segments. OFR owns and operates its primary state-of-the-art recycling facility near the community of Astoria, Illinois. In addition, OFR operates a manufacturing facility that produces the patented bulk filter trailers and containers. Our staff of customer service specialists are dedicated to providing reliable, efficient and cost-effective services. A partnership with OFR provides customers with reliable service, state-of-the-art recycling and collection services and cutting edge technologies at an economical price. This innovative, patented system allows customers to minimize their environmental liability and say “Goodbye” to the old way of swapping out unsightly, inefficient 55-gallon drums of used oil filters. OFR’s motto: “Economic and Innovative Conservation Through Recycling”.

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