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Decades ago, the Petroleum Industry began building companies in a specific territories of the United States, as they did, it became necessary to focus on other regions in the country in order to expand the existing business. Two important choices were made to find a solution to the challenge: 1 Build more refineries or; 2 outsource the blending and packaging process to third parties in different territories in the US. In the choices, LUBLINE® LLC history began. At that time there were many packaging/blending businesses that provided services to large corporations. After years of having this relationship, large corporations decided to consolidate. Some of these companies decided to close their facilities and promote the smaller packaging/blending businesses. The founders of LUBLINE®, recognizing the Industry changes was occurring, decided to create a company that would export base oil and finished lubricants. LUBLINE® LLC (formerly LUBLINE® CORP) was founded in 1997 and since then has established itself as a leader in developing use and applications for base oils, process oils, transformer oils, agriculture oils, solvents, finished lubricants and additives internationally. At this time, LUBLINE® LLC is known by its Quality, Efficiency, Reliability and Cost Effectiveness, with sales to more than 33 countries. LUBLINE® LLC is committed to perform excellence and continue to work in cooperation with Industry leaders to develop and maintain different applications for its extensive list of products. In 2003, LUBLINE® Mexico was opened to provide greater flexibility in that region as well as a wider range of products and services to all customers. In 2015, LUBLINE®’s structure transformed adding new talents and personnel to address future challenges, enable growth, and continue to improve LUBLINE®’s product quality and customer services. Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers

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