Gen iii Oil Corporation

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Gen III Oil Corp is an innovative oil processing company with the most advanced re-refining process in the industry. Our proprietary ReGen™ technology allows us to produce large quantities of the highest quality products. Re-refining used motor oil captures the limited amount of lubricating oil produced from virgin crude and transforms it back into high quality base lubricating oil. This not only recovers a valuable resource, but prevents used oils from being disposed of improperly, or burned as a fuel. Traditional re-refiners can only produce Group I and Group II base oils, which are used in lower quality engine oils and some industrial applications. Gen III has the ability, using its ReGen technology, to produce a 50% yield of Group III, the highest quality base lubricating oil. Group III is in high demand as more consumers switch to synthetic grade motor oils, however the current North American production can only supply 25% of the demand. Gen III’s first refinery will displace 10% of the current Group III imports, to help satisfy this demand while diverting a potentially hazardous waste stream. Not only is this the highest value end use for used motor oil, but also the most environmentally responsible. The Bowden facility will reduce CO2 emissions by an amount equivalent to taking 76,000 cars off the road each year. Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers

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