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EC Waste, LLC. is the leading provider of non-hazardous waste management and disposal services in Puerto Rico. Headquartered in Humacao, Puerto Rico, we protect the quality of life in many communities, providing waste solutions to over 100,000 residential clients and 3,500 commercial customers in Puerto Rico and Alabama.

We operate two private sanitary landfill systems on the island, located in Humacao and Peñuelas, which fully comply with the Subtitle D Regulation of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Regulation for Non-Hazardous Solid Wastes Management of the Environmental Quality Board. We also operate and manage the Mayagüez landfill, a municipality where we also offer solid waste pickup and management services.

Our services also include collection, transfer, disposal, recycling and resource recovery. We also operate a sanitary landfill in Alabama, offering solid waste pickup and transportation services in the northeast of that state. EC Waste employs nearly 300 people in and out of Puerto Rico.

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