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At EarthCon, Safety is a core value for our professionals, our clients and their families. The firm's roots date back to 1998 when after working successfully for other national consulting firms for more than 15 years, our founder and CEO, Earl Scott, recognized a need for a different type of environmental consultant – one that goes against the grain of traditional thinking and focuses on business solutions. Soon after, he was joined by his partner Dr. Shawn Severn, who shared a passion for business-oriented solutions to environmental challenges. Today, what continues to fuel EarthCon's different technical approach is innovative thinking. Some examples include the Ricker Method® of assessing plume stability, the patent-pending Remediation System Benefit Analysis (RSBA®) and the patent-pending LNAPL Removal Benefit Analysis. All three are designed to help you allocate reserves, manage resources, improve system performance and when applicable achieve closure. EarthCon is listed in ENR’s Top 200 Environmental Firms in the US, and is an ISNetworld® Member Contractor. The company continues to provide business-oriented solutions to the industrial, commercial and public sectors through 30+ locations across North America.

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