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DaRob, Inc., is permitted in Louisville Kentucky to accept medical waste from the continental United States. DaRob's wide range of services includes a versatile Mail-Back system designed specifically to address the needs of small quantity generators. The steam sterilization process for treating medical waste at DaRob starts with a pre-vacuum at 32" water column (WC). Steam is then introduced into the waste stream at 290-300 degrees Fahrenheit at 43-53 pounds per square inch pressure to insure center of load sterilization. The result of the treatment process is a solid waste encapsulation brought about through the 300-degree temperature and residence time combined with the absence of air and the high percentage of plastics melting together. The post-vacuum process not only reduces volume it also effectively reduces liquid content that can occur in some autoclaves, which can ultimately affect landfill disposal. Treated Medical Waste, which is now considered solid waste, is transferred to a 42-yard compactor where the waste volume is further reduced by a 3:1 rate. Additionally, for the fall of 2002, DaRob is adding a high torque shedder and a granulator to further process lab and sharps waste before disposal. The solid waste is then transferred in a hydraulically closed roll-off to a fully permitted landfill for disposal. The landfill disposal process involves prior cell preparation that covers the waste upon delivery.

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