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Established in 1986 by entrepreneur Dan Daniels who set out to develop a safer sharps container to eliminate needlestick injuries and combat infection transfer, Daniels Health has grown to become a globally renowned service provider to the healthcare industry. With extensive product, washing and treatment technologies and national transport networks, Daniels has positioned itself as a complimentary partner to the American medical sector, delivering solutions across all aspects of healthcare waste management with an ongoing commitment to making healthcare waste practices safer, simpler and more affordable.

Today our owners’ vision is still being realized as we continue to advocate for safer waste management handling in the United States, drive practices that reduce risk to healthcare workers in the handling of sharps, and implement solutions that reduce infection transfer risk. Employing industry experts that have strong experience in healthcare with an intimate understanding of clinical requirements, Daniels is not your typical ‘waste hauler’. Our expertise in healthcare compliance and regulations, and proven microbiological efficacy in container quality and cleanliness, distinguishes Daniels Health as the expert in healthcare waste management.

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