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Applied Technology, Inc., helps organizations like yours, overcome their unique environmental challenges while saving time and money in the process. Applied Technology helps clients truly understand and manage the composition of their hazardous waste streams, meet their recycling objectives and feel confident that they are in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Our core competencies include environmental consultation and a full compliment of services related to hazardous waste management, including characterization, minimization, transportation and disposal. Applied Technology, Inc. also has an extensive background in the area of remediation. The real benefit of a relationship with Applied Technology, is our ability to design and implement efficient waste management strategies that offer our clients tangible savings. Our customized WasteCheck™ Waste Management Program is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of our key client industries. Applied Technology’s WasteCheck™ Program can save your organization money in 4 distinct ways. WasteCheck™ allows Applied Technology to: 1.) Become Your Advocate – Because we remain unbiased and impartial in our approach to managing your hazardous waste stream. We avoid the economic conflict often present in large vertically integrated waste management organizations. 2.) Thoroughly Analyze Your Waste Stream – If you don’t know the precise composition of your waste stream, you can’t effectively manage it – Applied Technology’s WasteCheck™ Program puts you in control by putting you in the know. 3.) Help You Take Steps to Make Your Waste Stream Less Toxic – WasteCheck™ gives you and your organization the tools you need to minimize waste stream toxicity and thereby disposal cost. 4.) Assist You in Reducing Your Waste Stream Volume – Volume ultimately equals cost and with WasteCheck™ as part of the equation, you get answers that will help you decrease both.

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