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Welcome to Action Environmental Services and Interstate Waste Services, now a part of the Action Environmental Group providing waste and recycling services and solutions from the city to the suburbs. From collection and recycling, to composting organic material and disposal, we provide a comprehensive array of environmentally responsible service offerings. Action is New York City's most progressive and innovative provider of non-hazardous waste management services, serving a diverse range of industrial and commercial customers, including – Restaurants Hospitals and Medical facilities Building contractors Retailers, malls, and plazas Universities, colleges, and schools Stadiums Investment banks Other types of businesses Our company started with two trucks in 1999, and grew organically over the years to about 30 vehicles, and then expanded via several small acquisitions. In 2007, we purchased the solid waste and recycling assets from the nation`s largest hauler, Waste Management. This doubled the size of our company, creating efficiencies and opportunities to invest further in recycling projects, such as our state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in the Bronx. From the first and cost-effective ways – never losing sight of our unwavering commitment to respecting the environment. And we are about making certain Interstate Waste Services (IWS) also serves a diverse group of customers from the west side of the Hudson River, including Northern New Jersey, Rockland and Orange County of New York. Learn more about IWS here.

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